How can you Help?

Join the Committee

The committee play a very important part in the running of Pre-School and it is extremely rewarding to see how well attended Pre-School is and the fantastic facilities we can offer. The committee meet once every half term or more frequently if required, and jointly make decisions that impact on the direction Pre-School takes. It is not an onerous task, and we need new parents to join the committee who can help shape Cheddington Pre-School for the future. Without the committee, Pre-School would not be able to open. To discuss what we do or get a better understanding of how Pre-School runs and how you could be involved, please either email: or call 01296 662292 for more information.

Volunteer to Help with Fundraising/Events or Within the Setting

Maybe the committee isn’t for you but can you help in some other way? Can you help us with fundraising? Are you able to offer some time to help at events we run? Do you have some great handyman skills for odd jobs in the setting? We are always keen to speak to parents about how they can help us and your children at Pre-School, so please either let Michelle or any of the staff know if you can help.

Hands on Help

Pre-School are always keen to invite parents in to sessions to help and interact with the children. This plays a vital role in your child’s education and time at Pre-School and gives you as parent’s first-hand experience of your child’s learning environment.

You may work in a profession that would link in well to the Pre-School curriculum. We are always keen to hear from parents who can come and tell the children about their job. In the past we have had, Doctors, Firemen, Air Steward, Pilot, Vet, Ambulance Driver all which have been greeted with enthusiasm by the children. Please contact Michelle (Manager) if you would like to come and talk to us.


There are several ways you can donate money to Pre-School to help with the future purchase of toys, consumables and maintenance of the setting. There are always many costs involved with maintaining the high standards we currently have within the Pre-School, and any little you can donate is always gratefully appreciated. You might like to consider the following options:

Direct Contribution – This can be done in several ways; cash or bank transfer.

Payroll Giving – Some companies will allow you to make a pre-tax donation to a charity of your choice

Match Funding – Your company may offer to ‘Match’ a level of funds raised by Pre-School at an event

Gift Aid – Gift Aid is reclaimed, by us, from the tax you pay for the current tax year at no extra cost to yourself. Boost your donation by 25p of Gift Aid for every £1 you donate. Please sign our Gift Aid form


If you would like to discuss any of them, please speak with Michelle Andrews (Manager) who will be happy to discuss options with you.