MORNING SESSION       09.00 – 12.00

LUNCH                              12.00 – 12.30

AFTERNOON SESSION  12:30 – 15:00

Lunch runs between our morning and afternoon sessions.

Children benefit from the opportunity to eat in a social situation, encouraging them to expand their food choices through watching their peers enjoying a variety of different food groups.

Drinks & Snacks

We promote a healthy eating policy.

We provide a morning and afternoon snack which offers the children a choice of fruit/vegetables and sometimes a carbohydrate.

We cater for food allergies and intolerances, as well as cultural/religious requirements.

Doctors letters are required to be seen for allergies.

Lunch Box Club

Ideal lunchboxes need only contain the following:

  • 1 slice of bread made into a savoury sandwich (ham, cheese, egg for example) or pasta/rice etc.
  • Chocolate spread, honey and jam are NOT a healthy option and therefore we do not accept sandwiches with these fillings at pre-school.
  • 1 piece of fruit and/or a small portion of vegetables.
  • 1 yoghurt with a spoon.

Do not put crisps, popcorn, sweets, chocolate, cake, biscuits or processed foods in your child’s lunch, they are welcome to eat these items when they are not in the setting.

Grapes/tomatoes/sausages/cherries or similar must be cut in half lengthways (from top to bottom). If they are not cut we will unfortunately have to return them to you.

No need to provide a drink as water is offered.

Please be reminded that we are a nut free Pre-school.

Book Bags

All the children should have their own named book bag to put their work in.
Additionally there may be letters, items of interest, information etc that we need to distribute to parents so please ensure that this is emptied at the end of each session.
We have a selection of bags in various colours in the setting at a cost of £4.00.
Please let us know if you would like to buy one.


Are sent frequently and contain important information such as newsletters, updates, changes and requests for resources etc.

Existing Injuries

We prefer you to email with details of existing injuries before your child’s session Forms must be completed by parents at the start of a session for any existing injury their child may have on entering the setting if you have chosen not to email

Accident/Incident Forms

Accident/Incident forms will be completed for each child to record a head injury or where skin is broken (NB – Minor injuries will have a note made of them but no form will need to be signed.)

The form needs to be signed by the parent/carer collecting, and a record will be kept in school.

The same will also be maintained for negative behavioural incidents in school and parents again will be required to sign a form to confirm their knowledge of the event.

Key Person System

Our “key person” system gives each member of staff particular responsibility for just a few children. This means that each child in the group has one special adult to relate to, which can make settling into the group very much easier. In addition, the “key person” is in a position to tailor the group’s curriculum to the unique needs of each individual child.

The “key person” maintains links with the child’s home setting, working with parents through shared record keeping to ensure that all children are supported in reaching their full potential.


Rules and boundaries are set from the beginning.

Staff are excellent role models.

We discourage and distract negative behaviour whilst praising the positive.

Staff are always on hand to discuss ways to promote positive behaviour should you need help or advice.